Software Delivery Metrics That Matter

My talk on software delivery metrics that matter for successful software delivery is the best method to convey my work process. This talk is great for anyone who has a stake in the delivery of a software project.

Software Delivery Metrics that Matter Meetup

Some of the metrics covered are:

  • Code Coverage
  • Unblock Rate
  • Defect Kill Rate
  • QA Tracing
  • Velocity

The metrics I’ve developed since 2001 have been critical to my ability to deliver high quality software on-time, on-budget. This talk will show much of the data I’ve collected on 8 companies covering 10 different teams¬†using Agile and modern software development best practices.

Software Delivery Metrics That Matter

Leadership positions will especially gain valuable insights to target areas for improvement. Making changes is easy. However, assessing the value of change can be tricky. By tracking the effect of changes, they can be modified in a pragmatic and intelligent manner.

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